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About the Project

Are You Ready for Victory?

No, we aren’t talking about being victorious in sports, politics or war. Those are the male versions of victory. At the Victorious Woman Project, we’re focused on the feminine victory. That’s the stuff that happens on the inside.

At the Victorious Woman Project, we want to help you find inspiration and motivation so that you can BE MORE of who you really are, DO MORE of the things that satisfy your soul and make you feel happy, and HAVE MORE of the life that makes you feel the fulfillment that come with living on purpose.


Launched in September 2004, the site began as a promotional site for Annmarie Kelly’s first book, Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories. But by 2007, it was morphing into a resource site for women. By September 2011, the Victorious Woman Project website found that our readers are women – like you – who are smart, talented, resourceful and passionate about life. Our readers are tired of living everyone else’s life while merely surviving their own. They’ve reached a stage of life where they – YOU – want MORE and BETTER – and really LOVE the life that they – YOU – were born to live.

At the Victorious Woman Project, we understand that you may have been cajoled into living the “good girl” lifestyle – and now you feel that being such a good girl didn’t get you happiness, success, satisfaction or fulfillment. You aren’t alone. The biggest regret most women have is that they lived their lives by someone else’s standards and expectations.

We also know that while you were focusing your life on the agendas of a spouse, partner, children, parents, friends, etc., you probably put your own needs, dreams and desires on the backburner. And while you might be getting tired it, you might not have the skills or confindence to do anything else.

That’s where the Victorious Woman Project comes in. We help you STRETCH and GROW into the Victorious Woman YOU WANT REALLY TO BE. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Tell you stories about women who faced and overcame difficult life events, so you can feel inspired and encouraged make changes in your own life.
  • Challenge you to dust-off those dreams, think beyond your current routine and go after the bigger and best expression of who you are – of you true SELF.
  • Give you resources, including “how-to” articles, teleseminars, question and answer forum, the latest research you can use, books to read, links to more resources, group coaching, and so much more!
    • If you are in the workplace, we help you become a better leader, executive or business own with SmartWoman@Work.
    • If you are divorced, separated, an empty nester, widowed or just tired of the same old same old, we help you make the most of your second chance and start a new chapter.
    • If you are in a relationship and marrying – for the first time, or not – we help you find a unique way to invent/reinvent your marriage so that you have stronger bonds and greater intimacy.

Who is the typical Victorious Woman Project user?

While every Victorious Woman has her own unique story, and there is usually nothing “typical” about her, we can tell you that she usually is:

  • 40-55+ years old, with at least an undergraduate degree (or pursuing one)
  • In the midst of some kind of life change, or…
  • Thinking about divorce, an impending empty nest or starting a business
  • Ready to stretch out of her comfort zone so she can have BE-DO-HAVE more
  • Motivated to find her best SELF and live her best life
  • Generally upbeat with a positive and hopeful attitude, but she is often…
  • Suffering from guilt and low-grade depression that can zap her energy, and…
    • Feeling invisible, both at work and at home
    • Concerned about her health and tries to exercise and watch her diet
    • Struggling with her weight but doesn’t make herself crazy about it
    • Enjoys good food and wine with friends
  • Shops at Chico’s, Talbots, Macys and Dillards but also goes to Target, Whole Foods and Costco
  • Increasingly more excited about her relationships with her girlfriends

Asking “Is this it – is this all there is?”

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